Chapman Recording & Mastering

Rates & Polices -

Music Rates (effective 1-1-17)

$50 Per Hour - Recording & Mixing Special
(When you purchase 10 hours or more)

$55 Per Hour - Recording & Mixing Special
(When you purchase less than 10 hours)

$40 Per Hour - "Matt Peters" Recording & Mixing Special
(When you purchase a 5 hour block - good through 2-28-17 only)

Setup is part of studio time. Once the engineer begins to work
on your set up the clock begins.

Studio time is available by appointment 24 / 7.
Office is open M-F 9am to 6pm.

Our space is available for
Video Shoots. Standard rates apply.

"In Session" Producer Fee:
$25.00 per hour - In addition to studio hourly rate.
Creating Beat or Music tracks during the session. Provided by Chapman Recording Engineering Staff.

When you need assistance developing a song concept our
Session Producers can help create the music backing track. Our talented producers will work side by side with you on an hourly basis. The work is done in the studio in real time with you present. Our producers are experienced with all styles of music and can create instrumentation for your song on the spot. We take your song ideas and turn them into a viable commercial track ready for vocals.

Our producers are available to created tracks in the studio for all types of music. If you need a beat created or instrumentation for your song we can help. Call for more detais.

$70 - Piano Tuning - Upon requested
**The piano is tunned on a regular basis but some clients demand
a fresh tunning. Discuss this when you schedule your studio time.
You are always welcome to drop by to check the piano. Please
call to make sure the room is available.

Use of Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Hammond B3 w/Leslie, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Korg Triton Synth, D7 Kybd, DW Drum Kit, Marshall and Fender Amps -
No Charge

Mastering Rates - (9am to 6pm M-F)
$50 per song/single or
$125.00 Per Hr. (we can normally master 3 to 4 songs per hr)

VO, Broadcast, Corporate, Audio For Video, Audio Books etc
$150.00 Per Hr

ISDN via Source Connect or IpDTL
$150.00 Per Hr

Transfers - vinyl, cassette, reel and dat to cd
$50.00 Per Hr (pro-rated plus cd blank)

Archival / Data Backup*
$15.00 - CD 800mb - (includes time & materials)
$25.00 - DVD 4.5gig - (includes time & materials)
$40.00 - Blue Ray DVD - (includes time & materials)

**To insure your files are always available we highly recommend you have us archive/back up your Pro Tools files after each session. If you do not pay for an archive we cannot be responsible for keeping your data on file for more than 1 day. If you have questions please dicuss this issue when you schedule your time and with your engineer.

Analog Tape Restoration - Baking
$75.00 Per Reel - (2")
$70.00 Per Reel - (1")
$65.00 Per Reel - (1/2")
$60.00 Per Reel - (1/4")

All major credit cards accepted

All music sessions require full payment in advance when we put your session on our calendar. Any balance for extra time or materials will be due at the end of each session.

Cancellation and No Shows:
We require 3 days advance notice to cancel or re-schedule any week day "music" sessions. If the 3 day requirement is met we will gladly refund or apply your deposit to another date and time. With less than 3 days notice deposits will be forfeited. All 3 day or more and week long bookings require a two week notice of cancellation.

Since weekends book up much faster we ofter are durning down other bookings because we have accepted yours. Due to this a 7 day notice is required for all weekend sessions. Cancellations are not accepted or applied on Saturdays or Sundays or after 5pm during the week. We will make every effort to sell your booked time so you are not charged but we can not guarantee this.

Chapman Recording is not responsible for storage and or safety of client masters and does so only as a convienence for the customer.

Requests to observe sessions:
With respect for our clients privacy we do not allow guests to
set in and observe sessions. No exceptions.

For more information call

8805 Monrovia Street
Lenexa, Ks. 66215 (A Suburb of Kansas City, Mo.)

(rates effective 1-1-17)